Chronology of Concept:

Reactive volcanic eruptions developing into the Creation and incorporation of Materials.

Resurrection of materials into the Landscape as fragmented artefacts of Form within Time.
The Vessel as Canvass, creating memories through symbolic mark-making , depicting its' origin and reason for being.
Emergence of Man embodied by the vessel form, onto the canvass of the landscape.
A time of Enlightenment in order to understand the Identity of man within the landscape.
Man searching for and adopting new ways of thinking and new approaches to maintain and maximise his existence as traveller, maker, harvester, devotee and finally craftsman.
Establish formal boundaries defined through containment of space and new scales of form.
Time for Man to take ownership of and responsibility for his Landscape.

But ultimately there has to be a "reason" to create anything, a desire to fulfil a concept which is perceived to be worth the outcomes.


Karl Harron