Welcome to the new “Karl Harron International” master classes.

Teaching Venues:

Bullseye Glass Resource Centre Bay Area Emeryville CA USA
The Glass Studio N.Ireland UK
North Lands Creative Glass Lybster Scotland UK
The Glass Hub Trowbridge England UK
Bullseye Glass Resource Centre Los Angeles CA USA
Bullseye Glass Resource Centre Mamaroneck New York NY USA
Bullseye Glass Resource Centre Portland OR USA
Bullseye Glass Resource Centre Santa Fe NM USA
Anla Glass Studio Facility Silkeborg Denmark
The Creative Glass School Switzerland
Glass Forum Glass Studio Averoy Norway
Blue Dog Glass Studio Melbourne Australia
Art Glass Studios Perth WA Australia
Non-residential master class fees include insurance, instruction, all materials, use of hand tools, machinery and kilns. Also a welcome supper upon arrival and light refreshments each day of class.

Session 1:

“The Perfect Vessel”

Class Fee £975.00

“Form: …by which shape is determined, as distinguished from the material of which it is composed, giving it individuality and a distinctive character”.

The aim of this 7-day class led by artist and master craftsman Karl Harron is to achieve a “sublime form”. While negotiating the technical challenges of deep-slumping into three-step ceramic moulds, students will be encouraged to develop their aesthetic and conceptual perspective, rather than just mastering a technique. Students will further challenge themselves by designing the piece using only two colours of reactive opalescent sheet glass, with mark-making realized through the application of frit, powder, confetti and stringer. This is not a beginners course but don’t be put off by the term “master class”. If you are comfortable handling glass and wish to expand your knowledge and understanding of the material then please apply.

Prerequisites: Intermediate/advanced glass skills and kilnforming experience.

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Session 2:   

“Deep Slumped Forms: A Perfect Introduction”

Class Fee £855.00

This is a new 5-day class developed to concentrate on “deep-slumping”, enabling the participants to fully appreciate the technique before working towards a more comprehensive 7-day master class.

Prerequisites: Intermediate glass skills and kilnforming experience.

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Session 3:   

“Reaction and Interaction”

Class Fee £825.00

This 5-day artistic and technically driven, hands-on Master Class provides an opportunity for the investigation into the aesthetic possibilities offered by Bullseye Reactive glasses.

Interaction will be the key: discussions, Powerpoint presentations and technical talks will encourage and enable participants to expand their ideas, and develop a skilled, intuitive approach to kiln-formed glass.  Participants will be encouraged to consider light, surface, pattern and movement using combinations of “reactive” glass powders, frits, stringers, rods and compatible sheet to create an extensive set of samples, evolving a personal language of mark making, to culminate in the realisation of a final piece.

Prerequisites: Intermediate glass skills and kilnforming experience.

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Session 4:   

“A Striking Image”

Class Fee £825.00

“The concept of body image is thought to be, in part, a product of personal experiences, personality and social forces.  One’s sense of his or her own physical appearance, usually in relation to others or in relation to some “ideal” can shape their body image.  A person’s perception of their own appearance may not correspond to, or more importantly can be different from how others actually perceive us within their own understanding”.

This 5-day artistic and technically driven, hands-on master class provides an opportunity for an in-depth investigation into the possibilities of working with image transfers and incorporating them into a 2-step slumped vessel form.  The materials which participants employ will include Bullseye frits, powder, stringers, rods, glass sheet (including striking opals and Reactive Ice), and silver foil.

Prerequisites: Intermediate glass skills and kilnforming experience.

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Session 5:   

“Introduction to Glass Fusing”

Class Fee £645.00

In this introductory 4-day workshop we will explore the amazing possibilities of fused and slumped glass.  You will learn the fundamentals of glass cutting, firing schedules, glass compatibility, annealing, viscosity and experiment with design possibilities using a wide variety of compatible frit, powders, stringers, confetti and Bullseye sheet glass to create a fused and slumped bowl or plate and an extensive set of sample tiles.  You will be shown the technical and artistic side of the medium of kilnformed glass with an emphasis on building a strong foundation for future kiln work.

Prerequisites: Basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience.

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Session 6:   

“Special Reactions”

Class Fee £525.00

This new 3-day follow-on workshop provides participants with further in-depth exploration, research and development of advanced skills into the technical and artistic possibilities offered by Bullseye glasses.  Techniques such as “metallic surface finishes” will be demonstrated and employed to create specific, yet individual sample sets and also a finished piece, enabling artists/students to continue their quest for “an individual style”.  Bullseye glasses are made with a variety of basic chemistries.  When some of these glasses are combined with one another or with certain metal foils such as fine silver or copper, the chemistries interact and produce special effects.  Reactive effects can range from subtle to dramatic and can prove quite versatile in art and design.  Learn more about the chemistries behind these effects and how to harness (or prevent) them to enhance your work.

Prerequisites: Basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience.

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Enrolment: Enquiries reference “The Glass Studio” please Contact Karl direct.  All other class enquiries should be made to relevant “teaching venues”.

Master Class Add-ons:

The Glass Studio is happy to offer discounted rental ‘add-ons’ to master class students and teaching assistants who may wish to rent time in the studio to explore further what was taught in class.  Please contact Karl for full details.


Edenvale Country House 4-Star Bed & Breakfast
(Please contact accommodation provider direct for further booking details.)
Travel Information:
Edenvale Country House (2 miles from The Glass Studio) Nearest airport: Belfast City (15 miles from The Glass Studio) Belfast Int. (35 miles from The Glass Studio) Dublin Int. (105 miles from The Glass Studio)
Nearest train station: Bangor (10 miles)
Nearest bus station: Newtownards (3 miles)