“These vessels are both functional and enveloping, they embody the preservation of materials and the containment of things precious to us, symbolising fragments of history, reflecting the every day, and conversely the revered.  My vessels narrate a story, from where they came, and their reason for being”.


My current work is inspired by volcanic eruptions that took place in the Arctic Circle four thousand years ago, and resulted in the creation of tephra.  From the Greek word meaning ash, tephra are micro-shards of glass that exploded into the atmosphere, eventually falling to earth and coming to rest on peatlands across Ireland, incorporated into the growing bog where they lay for millennia awaiting discovery.  My work aims to mirror these atmospheric events.  Through the practice of kiln-forming, deep slumping, diamond engraving and finally fire-polishing, I echo the material effects of heat, gravity and elemental erosion.  These delicate, textured vessels evolve over a period of up to thirty days each, every one revealing the unique alchemy at work in its creation, representing the direct relationship between Landscape and Man.

Karl Harron Glassmaker.



Karl Harron Master Class “The Perfect Vessel”

Achieve your “sublime form” in this 7-day advanced kiln-forming class led by artist and master craftsman Karl Harron. While negotiating the technical challenges of deep-slumping into three-step ceramic moulds, students will be encouraged to develop their aesthetic and conceptual perspective, rather than just mastering a technique.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Dates: Mon 16 – Sun 22 September 2019.